Louis Koo to Record Asian Olympics Song; MV will Feature Yao Ming

Representing Pepsi, Louis Koo participated in the recording of the theme song for the Asian Olympic games, ??????. Louis collaborated with China’s music representative, Yu Quan. The music video for the theme song will feature China’s greatest Olympic athletes such as Yao Ming, Li Xiaopeng, Zhang Yining, Wu Peng, etc.

Louis appeared alongside many of China’s athletes at the Beijing press conference which played the Asian Olympic theme song to the public for the first time.

Louis said, "At first I was quite suprised why Pepsi selected me as their representative to participate in the recording. People has many superstars under their endorsement contract and my focus has always centered around films. But Pepsi said the song’s theme focuses on uniting people from many different backgrounds."

"Yu Quan represents the music industry while I represent the film industry. Since the music video features many of China’s greatest Olympic athletes, this will be a rare opportunity for me."

Louis is also eager to meet basketball giant, Yao Ming, to witness his true height in person.

At the press conference, the various superstars demonstrated their calligraphy skills. Louis admitted that his calligraphy skills are lacking. Despite his father’s encouragement to make him practice his skills when he was a young boy, Louis’ calligraphy skills never advanced.

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