Louis Koo, Karen Mok, Chin Ka Lok Dub for Animated Film ‘Flushed Away

Louis Koo Tin Lok will be doing the Cantonese dubbing for animated film, "Flushed Away." In order to complete the voice over for his character, Roddy the mouse, Louis is willing to work late night hours.

Earlier, Karen Mok, Chin Ka Lok, Lam Hui Fung, Paul Chun and Louis were dubbing the voice overs for the animated film. Although Louis has been busy fiming movies, he diligently read the script for "Flushed Away" to prepare for his voice over. Louis has always loved watching animated films and is a big fan of "Shrek." Having the opportunity to dub for an animated film made Louis very excited!

"The mouse Roddy is very similiar in character to Louis Cha’s hero Wai Siu Bo in ‘Duke of Mt. Deer.’ Both characters like to boast their smartness, but they are weak and afraid of things. Wai Siu Bo was lucky and he was able to thwart many catastrophes in life, turning them to his advantage. Along the path, he discovers true love, so Roddy is very similiar to Wai Siu Bo!" In the recording studio, Louis found the biggest challenge to be his monologue speech. It was very difficult for him to record the passage by talking to himself. Louis also insisted that he does not share any similiar qualities to Roddy.

This is the first time Karen Mok Man Wai has worked with Louis. Karen said, "We have not filmed movies before together. I can’t believe our first collaboration would be a dubbing project for an animated film!"

Lam Hui Fung and Chin Ka Lok play a pair of mouse assassins in the movie. Chin Ka Lok joked, "I’m trained in martial arts and have a bigger build than Hui Fung. However in the movie, we play complete opposites than our true life forms. I’m play the small mouse!"

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