Louis Koo Enjoys the Thrill of Car Racing

Louis Koo Tin Lok flew to France for a car racing training earlier. Louis fell in love with the fast thrill of car racing and intends to become a true racer by participating in the Grand Prix.

As the spokemodel for Tagheuer, Louis attended the AGS-Tagheuer Formula 1 Racing School. It has been 5 to 6 years since Louis last car raced, thus his performance was unexpectedly terrible and he was unable to start the F3 car numerous times.

After switching to the F1 vehicle, which was more difficult to drive, Louis’ performance improved. He raced at a faster speed and requested another round of racing afterwards.

Receiving a passing grade from the instructor, Louis was encouraged to enter the Grand Prix held in Macau.

Louis admitted he had stage fright when he first came upon the race track. “It has been 5 to 6 years since my last race. In the past, I enjoyed the fast thrill of car racing but I grew anxious after a 90 degree turn one time. Fortunately the car did not flip since it was well constructed!”

“Since that incident, I have not raced for several years. I don’t want my family to worry about me!” Since Louis owned a Ferrari, which had similiar features of a F1 vehicle, it made driving the race car easier.

As to the instructor’s advice to enter the Grand Prix, Louis said, “I will enter a race in June. Since this was a training class, I was the only one on the race track. Next time, I will race against other drivers.”
“If my results are satisfactory, I will consider entering the Grand Prix in Macau!”

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