Louis Koo continuously hurt while filming new film ROB B HOOD

Jackie Chan Emperor’s new film ROB B HOOD (BO BUI GAI WAT) has been scheduled for an October 1 National Day release. Big Brother Jackie Chan and Louis Koo Tin Lok suffered thoroughly in the film. Goo Jai has repeatedly been injured. This film is Benny Chan Muk Sing directed. With comedian Michael Hui Koon Man and a cute baby, an action comedy is born.

In one scene they were in a personal training room as debt collector Ken Low Wai Kwong led a dozen people for the fight. In the chaos both were kicked in the chest and broke the glass. Goo Jai also kicked the fitness equipment and his feet was bleeding; after the accident, Goo Jai remained calm and waited for the crew to treat the wound for him. He even comforted his assistant not to be too worried. "This is ordinary, it’s no big deal and is not life threatening. I am a man, don’t you think I can take a minor accident?" He continued, the next day the wound was still bruised and swollen like a pig’s foot. Then it
hurt the most.

In addition, they had to perform highly difficult stunts like jumping from the air conditioning unit and escalators. Even with wires they could have been scared to death. In one scene Jackie Chan had to jump on an escalator to save the baby. The escalator was over 100 feet tall. Any mistake would shatter every bone. Although Jackie Chan was in control he still was sweating bullets inside.

The final two scenes that injured them were a night break in of a high technology building to steal shark fin and the battle at the mahjong hall. They along with Hui Koon Man descended from a building roof but their rope tangled up, lowered the tolerance and nearly loosen. Although stunt doubles performed the stunt, the leads still had to be hung outside for close up shots. Goo Jai during the shoot suffered rope burn on his hands.

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