Louis Koo Celebrates 36th Birthday at Disneyland with 200 Fans

October 21st will be Louis Koo Tin Lok’s 36th birthday.

Louis celebrated his birthday early with 200 members at his fan club this week at Disneyland. On the actual day of his birthday, Louis will be having dinner with his family.

Louis’ fans from all over the world gathered together at the Disney hotel over a buffet celebration. Louis cut his birthday cake with his mother. Fans sang a Happy Birthday song and the atmosphere was quite touching.

Louis’ fans prepared many special gifts for him and many of them cried upon seeing Louis. After the buffet meal, Louis spent the rest of the day playing games with his fans.

Since Louis was at Disney, he went to the souvenir shop to buy stuffed animals and gifts. This year’s birthday celebration has given Louis many memorable memories.

Jayne: Hehe seems like Louis Koo has been around forever…I kinda forgot how old he was…36 is still pretty young! I think he has at least another 6-8 years to take his movie career to a higher peak. Smile Happy birthday to Louis!!

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