Louis Koo and Jolin Tsai Immortalized at Shanghai’s Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Louis Koo Tin Lok and Jolin Tsai’s new wax statues will be available for public viewing at Shanghai’s Madam Tussaud’s in February. Both Louis and Jolin’s wax statues replicate their images as featured in Pepsi’s recent promotional ad. Louis appears with blue hair, as he is a "blue-bird man" in the ad.

Earlier, Madam Tussaud’s wax statue artists especially flew to Hong Kong to take measurements of Louis and Jolin. The measuring process took over 2 hours, with the statue artists recording more than 500 measurements of various body parts!

The statue artists requested that Jolin replicate her Pepsi ad image during the modeling process. Jolin had to locate the blue crysal press-on nails that she wore at the original Pepsi ad shoot, as well as duplicate the same make-up and hairstyle. Holding the same expression and pose for over 2 hours, Jolin felt like she had turned into a wax statue herself.

In modeling for his wax statue, Louis had a choice in deciding whether to use his "blue-bird man" or "circus man" image image originally featured in the Pepsi ads. Louis laughed and said his circus image was very cool, but the outfit revealed too much skin. If they had used this image, then it is odd for people to feel his exposed body parts after the statue is completed.

Louis’ "blue-bird man" image was also memorable, as it took 9 hours to dye his hair blue during the Pepsi ad. Louis was amazed by the realistic details achieved in the completed wax statue.
Looking at the photos, it was difficult for him to discern whether it was really him or a statue!

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