Liza Wang’s Reaction to Bao Fang’s Death

When Liza Wang heard about the death of TV and film veteran Bao Fang, she was a little shocked. She said: "It is a great loss because he has made a great contribution to the world of film and television." Liza worked with Bao in "Yesterday’s Glitter" and "Love and Passion" and she has particularly fond memories of filming "Yesterday’s Glitter" because he played her father-in-law. Liza says that working opposite Bao was very relaxed because he was very professional and had a good attitude, treating everyone well. She says that Bao had the aura of a superstar and was articulate and suave, which was a rarity. She feels that male leads now are more like ‘kids’, but Bao had the height and the grace of a true gentleman. Liza recalls that she has watched many of his earlier films over the years and she loves his performances in his youth. She says: "I will be thinking of him a lot. (Will you offer a tribute?) I have not thought about this yet."

For Damian Lau, who is currently filming in the mainland, when he heard the news of Bao’s death, he quickly asked for the details from the reporters. Asked what impression he had of Bao, Damian replied: "He was a very good senior, who was willing to teach others and was very amicable."

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