Liza Wang’s 60th birthday bash

Liza Wang’s official fanclub held a big birthday bash for Ah Jie. Her birthday actually falls on the 28th of August, but they had to arrange for an earlier date to fit Liza’s busy schedule. The party was held at the “New World Hotel’s Grand Ballroom”. The crowd of Liza fans occupied more than 30 tables. This is a very special birthday party as this party was held not only to celebrate Liza’s 60th birthday, but also to celebrate her 40th anniversary in showbiz. To add more joy to the happy occasion, Liza’s fans also prepared a lot of activities to jazz up the party. However, as Liza is still filming for War of In-Laws 2007, she could only stay for a little while and had to leave to resume filming.

Liza arrived in an elegant Cheongsam and she revealed that this Cheongsam was originally a LV scarf and she specially made it for this occasion. (Did you inform LV?) Liza said that she doesn’t know but she doesn’t think it’s necessary. Liza matched her outfit with a limited edition handbag with a pair of LV sandals. Liza added with a laugh that she is very happy with her cheongsam design.

As soon as Liza arrived, her fans immediately began singing the birthday song. A mainland China fan presented a edited version of Liza’s “Love and Passion”. Two Thai fans also performed a Thai “Happy Birthday” dance. Liza also received a tablefull of gifts from her fans.

When asked what is her birthday wish for this year, Liza said that being healthy is most important. What did Kar Ying Gor give you? “Nothing!” Liza also added that she is very busy lately as she has to finish filming for War of In-Laws 2007 and she also has a lot of preparation work for her upcoming concert in september. Liza said that she doesn’t have plans to have a big celebration for her birthday as she is too busy.

Meanwhile, Kar Ying Gor attended a promotional activity for ATV recently and when asked if he has bought anything for Liza, Kar Ying Gor said, “I have already bought a present for her but it has yet to arrive. I have plans to have a birthday dinner with Liza.”

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