Liza Wang: Law Kar Ying’s butt shaking moves r appalling

Liza Wang hosted a TVB variety dance show recently. However she didn’t get to show off her dance moves as her knee injury hasn’t healed completely. She injured her knee during her Latin Dance routine in her concert about two years ago. Liza still has to go for physiotherapy and also swim regularly to aid the healing process. (Would you dance with Law Kar Ying?) Liza feels that Law Kar Ying’s dance moves are only so-so although he recently entered a dancing competition in Shanghai. As he’s a beginner when it comes to dancing, he still needs to perfect his butt shaking moves before Liza would be his dance partner.

Law Kar Ying requests for a tie for his birthday present.

Recently, Law Kar Ying celebrated his birthday. Liza offered to settle the bill for his birthday party but Law Kar Ying declined the offer. Instead, he asked Liza to give him a tie for his birthday.

Matthew Ko and Fala Chen performed Latin Dance at the event. They "behaved" pretty well during the dance routine, thus, escaping the "sexually offensive hand" accusation. Throughout the routine, Matthew Ko’s hands were placed at the right places on his partner’s body and has discussed it with Fala before the routine. Fala said that dancing is an activity that requires the cooperation of two people and body contact is inevitable. Fala jokingly revealed that her most sensitive spot is her armpit. Fala also trusts her partner and believes that there wouldn’t be any problems arising from the routine.

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