Liza Wang is Pleased with her Career

TVB’s musical concert production "Golden Songs of Our Century" will take place on 1st-4th November and TVB executive Virginia Lok joined Liza Wang at the press conference yesterday to reveal more details. Ms Lok indicated that as well as Liza, the other star-studded performers will include Adam Cheng, Teresa Cheung, Annabel Lui, Miriam Yeung, Kelly Chen, Andy Hui, Leo Ku, Denise Ho and Ng Wai Kwok.

Liza says that she is proud to have several classic songs in her career and she says that in the 1960’s, she had already started learning to sing and as she did not have much natural talent, she had to work very hard to perfect her skill, following four different teachers. Her hard work did not go to waste and with her song "Brave Chinese People", she was recognised with an IFPI award and a ‘Top Ten Chinese Song’ award. With comments that the current wave of TV theme songs are not as good as they used to be, Liza says that maybe there are too many series now, so there is not as much opportunity for the new generation of creatives to improve.

TVB’s Anniversary Series "To Grow With Love" (Lush Fields Happy Times) began airing on Monday and recorded ratings of 32 points and heading straight for the top of the charts for recent TVB productions. Liza says: "My series ‘War of In Laws’ gained 34 points when it first aired last year, so they did not beat my record!" Liza has promised Myolie that she will watch the series, so she will watch the recording as she was working on Monday.

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