Liza Wang evolved into a modern day Sassy Mother-in-law

Yesterday, Liza Wang and Joyce Tang attended a promotional event as a health spokesperson for SuZhong Golden Brand Cordyceps in Tung Loh Wan. Liza arrived in a Rolls Royce that was arranged by the company. The boss of the company even led the way for Liza when she arrived. Dressed in a oriental themed outfit, Liza appeared to have evolved into a modern-era Sassy Mother-in-law. Liza attracted a lot of fans and onlookers. When asked whether Liza’s receiving a handsome amount for this job, Liza said, "It’s okay! When it comes to money, you won’t think that you have too much of it." Liza also revealed that she does consume Cordyceps on a regular basis, but it’s her first time as a spokesperson for a herbal company. Liza’s also receiving unlimited amount of the herbs. When asked to comment about Gigi Wong and Cha Siu Yan’s Human Placenta Treatments, Liza expressed that she would not try anything unnatural, and that she would only consume natural foodstuff. Liza feels that it’s safest to consume products that are "manufactured" naturally by mothernature. When asked if she cooks any "Love Soup" for Kar Ying, Liza said, "No, I don’t like to cook, but he does consume some soup to help maintain a healthy body."

Joyce Tang revealed that she has also fed some Coriolus Mushroom Tablet to her 14 year old dog. She believed that the tablets helped to shrink the growth in her dog’s stomach cavity.

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