Liza treats..

Liza and Susanna held a party for the cast and crew of in a Teochew restaurant. Liza said that she knew Susanna since the 70s but only became good friends after cooperating in .

Liza also played mahjong during the party. Although she doesn’t really know how to calculate winnings, Liza still enjoyed the game. Recently, Liza went to Germany to participate in the World Cup Fever, Liza bought some handphone straps, key chains, handbags etc from Germany as souvenirs for the whole cast and crew of . As for Susanna, Liza bought a LV (Louis Vuitton) bag for her. Susanna’s really happy and added that she would buy something for Liza when she visits Thailand. When asked if Liza would become godsisters with Susanna, Liza said, “There’s no need for us to do that. As long as we appreciate each other’s company is enough.”

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