Liza & Kar Ying expresses their deepest feelings towards each other

Yesterday, famous HK artist, Liza Wang, appeared in the "Artist’s Life" program as a guest. Liza also invited her partner of 18 years, Mr Law, to participate in the program together. Throughout the interview, the lovebirds answered all questions happily.

Nic Tse: Should be fair to Mr Law

Liza appeared with a white-feathered shawl wrapped around her shoulders. Although Liza will be turning 60 this year, but she is still as energetic as before. Liza discussed her 40-year-showbiz memories with the host of Artist’s Life. CCTV has been preparing for Liza’s interview for a few years. They even sent out a crew to HK to get the HK artists’ wishes toward the "Big Sister" of the HK entertainment industry. The list of artists include Andy Lau, Alan Tam, Nicholas Tse plus a whole lot of other HK artists. Nicholas Tse’s interview is the most interesting of all. This is because Nicholas Tse’s sister is Liza’s goddaughter, hence, his relationship with Liza is rather special. (actually Nicholas addresses Liza as his godmother although they didn’t go through the proper ceremony like Jeniffer Tse). Nicholas expressed his deepest feelings in his pre-recorded clip, "I am a newly wedded man. I realized that life needs to be fair after tying the knot. Therefore, Liza should be fair towards Mr Law, she shouldn’t make him wait for too long."

Liza: I’m afraid that I cannot manage to "Share our lives"

??Seated in the audience, Mr good-looking-baldy, Mr Law, attracted a lot of attention. He is the man that has spent 18 years of his life as lovebirds with Liza. (Why don’t the both of you set up a home of your own?) Liza replied, "Because of our age, and also because we have been single for a long time. He has never been married while I have been divorced for a long time. Sharing our lives is a very difficult thing to do. I am afraid that I might not be able to do it. Furthermore, I wouldn’t want him to go through all the trouble to adapt his lifestyle towards mine. I don’t think there’s a need for that. Forcing two people to be in a same house together is also something that we don’t wish for. Kar Ying also agreed with Liza’s point. Mr Law also revealed that he has learnt to "argue" with Liza. Mr Law, "With my other girlfriend in the past, we have never argued, but in the 18 years I spent with Liza, we always argue. She would express her points while I express mine. The discussion does not damage our relationship as we would be okay after putting forward out points. In the past, I would bury my feelings in my heart and I would feel really stressed about it. Therefore I decided to learn from Liza and start arguing.

Mr Law: Both of us suffered from the same illness

Everyone in the audience felt rather down when Mr Law said, "Both of us suffered from the same illness." Yes, Mr Law and Liza both suffered from Cancer. When it comes to cancer, Liza and Mr Law are definitely a couple that has gone through a lot. In the past, Liza suffered from thyroid cancer. Not long after recovering from the thyroid cancer, Liza discovered a tumor in one of her breasts. However, with Liza’s positive attitude towards her illness, she managed to recover. As for Mr Law, he was diagnosed with 3rd stage Liver Cancer at the end of 2004. However, he didn’t appear to be a man who almost lost his life to cancer. Liza said, "I am a very obedient patient. I trust my doctors with my heart. One must be positive when he discovers the illness. Don’t give up. Personal effort is extremely important. Mr Law is also a positive person. Mr Law said to Liza, "In the past, I don’t know what I want, I also don’t know what is happiness. Now, I know. I must keep myself healthy. Previously, I gave up my feelings towards my family members. Now the feelings are back."

Liza had her first concert in China

Although Liza has held numerous concerts in Hong Kong, but she has yet to hold any in Mainland China. Liza performed a few songs on the set of "Artist’s Life". Liza joked that this would be her first concert in China. With loud cheers and applause from the audience accompanying Liza, Liza performed her famous song "Love and Passion"????????? and also her favourite song "My home county" ??????. Famous pianist, Liu Shi Kun, who has never agreed to accompany anyone’s performance with his piano also agreed to accompany Liza while he played on the piano. Mr Law also performed a section of the famous "Princess Chang Ping" with Liza. The performance of this pair of lovers definitely touched the hearts of millions. Surely, they have won the well-wishes of everyone.

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