Liu Yifei Signs with William Morris Agency

Young Chinese actress Liu Yifei has signed with William Morris Agency, one of the three top American agencies, becoming the second Chinese actress in this company.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi had signed with the agency in 2005 and soon obtained a lead role in the movie “The Memoir of a Geisha”.

Other big names like Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson are also lineup of the company.

Nanjing Daily reported on Thursday that the first big present the agency gave Liu Yifei was a lead role in the movie “The Forbidden Kingdom”, which co-starred by Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Reports say the agency thinks that Liu Yifei has an outstanding appearance and acting which represents as the traditional Chinese beauty, as well as has great potential to be an international star.

The actress has already entered Hengdian World Studios, a big filming site located in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, preparing for the shooting of the movie.

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