‘Little Lovely’ Li Qian presently filming TV serie NU REN XIANG

The “Little Lovely Li Qian” is presently busy filming her new TV serie NU REN XIANG (directed by famous Director Meng Ji) just soon after finishing filming the highly popular TV serie HE LI RU XUE (River Flows Like Blood). “Little Lovely Li Qian” is a nickname given to her by Novelist Hai Yan and now has been commonly used by other media as well when speaking of her.

NU REN XIANG is a TV serie about women relation, a mother and her two daughters. It is a story of 3 completely different kidn of women — different in age as well as in appearance and personality. “Little Lovely” Li Qian plays a rebellious younger daughter name Ma Yun. She was chosen to play the image of 18 year old girl because she fitted the role. Her character will grow psychologically as the story continues to develop. This kind of character growth is a very difficult to accompolish, but director Meng Ji had chosen Li Qian with confidence after seeing her solid performance in previous series.

NU REN XIANG is currently filming – the progress has been smooth so far.

Li Qian has already been exquisitely famous through her previous TV series, always playing the “clever lovely girl”, such as in COUNTRY’S GRANARY or LI WEI OFFICIAL. She, however, most successfully captured many audience’s heart and attention through her role in DA TANG (TWIN OF BROTHERS) through her role as “Song Yuk Chi”.

Presently, Li Qian is trying to grow up and grow out of her ancient TV serie drama phase. She boldly wants to attempt more modern drama in the future with roles which are different from her previous. Looks like, this young girl has taken the toll to challenge herself and her performing skill. Perhaps this transformation was a consequence impact after filming her first modern drama HE LIU RU XUE when Hai Yan encouraged her to film more modern series.

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