Little Fatty Likely to Appear in Hollywood Film

Shanghai teenager Qian Zhijun who was catapulted to celebrity status with a photo of his chubby face, is now likely to land a leading role in a Hollywood thriller.

The Chongqing Evening News says New Line Cinema, a major Hollywood film studio, is inviting Qian Zhijun, commonly known as Xiao Pang or Little Fatty, to star in a film adaptation of “Ghost Blows Out the Light,” a popular Chinese online novel about a group of tomb raiders and their mysterious adventures in ancient tombs.

Sources from New Line Cinema suggest Xiao Pang is perfect for the role because he and the novel share a common popularity among Internet users.

The 19-year-old’s chubby face has become a favorite tool for Chinese Internet users to practice their Photoshop skills — many use his face to replace the visages of such famous icons as Harry Potter, Austin Powers and the Mona Lisa.

With little acting background, Xiao Pang is actively preparing for any possible auditions, according to the report.

The actor for another leading character is reportedly to be selected from well-known Hong Kong stars.

The novel “Ghost Blows Out the Light” debuted as a smash hit on the Internet back in March last year, and was later released in printed form in October.

Previous reports suggest that New Line Cinema hopes to create a Harry Potter-style series, with several installments.

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