Linda being harassed; Trash basket to the head for Steven

Steven Ma, Linda Chung, and Elaine Yiu were filming a street scene in MongKok for TVB’s newest series “Golden Destiny” 《金石良緣》 last night, attracting over 100 bystanders nearby. The scene talks of Steven trying to persuade a run-away Linda to return home, but in order to escape, Linda shouted that she was being sexually harassed! Elaine comes out and dumps a trash basket on Steven’s head; allowing Linda to escape.

Filming with over 100 bystanders looking, Linda laughed and said it felt like a theater performance. “It’s so fun! Every expression or movement I make, the audience around would have a reaction for it, like live theater performance! Luckily, everyone cooperated and allowed us to finish filming without interruptions.”

Having filmed street scenes before with huge crowds looking on, Steven disclosed that this time was a piece of cake. “When I was filming at Lan Kwai Fong for “Entire City Dances” 《舞動全城》, we drew a crowd of over 300! The atmosphere was very wild and lively. This time, the audience cooperated really well with us, so when they requested a photo with me, I quickly agreed.” Because the scene required Steven to be shoved off by Linda and dumped on the head with a trash basket by Elaine, Steven ended up with a cut on the lip and scratches along the back of his hand. “It wasn’t their fault! It was actually the basket, it’s too small! In the series, my character gets beaten up and fooled by Linda all the time! Luckily, when girls film hitting scenes, they don’t use a lot of strength, so won’t have too many bruises.”

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