Li Qian stayed up late to Record

Hai Yan’s major drama HE LIU RU XUE’s post-production is still making some final editing. Director Wang Jun must complete the dubbing process without much time to waste in order for the serie to meet its deadline broadcasting schedule.

Even though during filming, the dubbing part has already been done, but in order to achieve the best possible effect and strive for perfection — there have been many scenes which required re-dubbing; therefore Wang Jun had requested for all the actors to come in for the re-dubbing process.

Despite Li Qian’s busy schedule filming her new drama in Beijing, she still came in as requested. After a long day at filming on location, Li Qian would rushed late at night to the recording studio. Director Wang Jun appreciated Li Qian’s hard work very much; therefore he especially prepared some fresh watermelon fruits and drinks for her upon arrival. “Little Lovely” Li Qian quickly said “Watermelon!! It’s the best stimulant!” Then she simply ate the watermelon and immediately entered the recording studio to begin working. To make her feel even more comfortable, the recording technician had prepared a chair for her to sit on, but Li Qian decided to stand instead. She thought that recording standing up would sound more effective.

Holding onto a very thick script booklet, Li Qian stood the entire time while acting out her lines. Thanks to Li Qian’s quick wit and intelligence, the recording session went very smoothly.

Director Wang Jun smiled silently as he watched her become absorbed as she continued reading the script. Many hours had gone by before he realized that Li Qian had stood recording for a very long time and therefore called out to stop and asked her to rest. He did not have the heart to watch her being overworked.

With a little bit of rest, Li Qian did recover her loveable colors as she chat merrily with the Director whiling eating the watermelons.

The night was long and we could see thedark undercircles around her eyes. But still, Li Qian appeared cheerful and delightful — as if she wasnt’ even aware of her fatigue.

A day’s hard work has been complete and Director Wang Jun was extremely pleased that they had gotten so much done in such short time. Li Qian certainly has the talent to specialize in voice recording.

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