Li Qian : My character is a fairy tale story in LIAO ZHAI 2

Right now, I’m filming LIAO ZHAI 2 – 14th Aunt. Previously, I have told you all it’s a very relaxed role; therefore of course I’m not playing the 14th aunt. In the beginning, I’m quite a loner but afterward I will slowly become a virtuous intelligent person and manage a household as the perfect wife (to some exageration, it’s actually a pitiful role). At young age my character live without parents, family or friends; therefore is bullied by others in small village. She is a very timid person and unable to communicate with anyone. But a virtuous person must certainly have good result. She will meet 14th Aunt and Feng Sheng. Under their guide and help, she will become a woman with happy life. Do you think it has a good point? I like it!! I suppose all girls, including myself, all have fantasized of being part of a fairy tale character?

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