Li Qian – Bitter love experience in HE LIU RU XUE

Li Qian’s Fei Fei is a strong and independant woman. Growing up in a single-parent family with a mother in poor health condition, Fei Fei was forced to quickly become the provider of her family. In order to support her family, Fei Fei had to work at the local bar. But although life presents Fei Fei with much cruelty and brutality, Fei Fei did not lose her own dignity and principle. She did not bow down to life.

Li Qian had once thought of herself as a strong girl and therefore she found herself very much attracted by the role of Fei Fei. “Fei Fei has excellent strength. She does not submit to the toughness of her ill-fate destiny. I very much admire her determination.” While Li Qian admire Fei Fei, she also pittied her as well.

In HE LIU RU XUE, Fei Fei was the first person who loved Bao Liang, she was also the only person who loved him til the very end. There’s a song which sings “Slowly I walk by your side, slowly I know the result. Perhaps I like that there is no ending, forever and ever.”

We talked to Li Qian about her role in HE LIU RU XUE, in which she expressed “Never had I’ve never seen such laborious love!” Fei Fei not only walked through life with difficulties, but in love she also suffered much pain. She had given herself for love — this kind of love Li Qian expressed is almost impossible to find in real life. Fei Fei is an image of a idealized woman — for love, she would always pay and never ask for repayment. But although Li Qian admits this kind of love is moving, but in real life she hoped love doesn’t have to be as painful like in the story. Love should be happy and bring a person joy; hopefully not too much heavy burden.

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