Letters from Iwo Jima Awarded Best Film

It seems that Warner Bros. has made one of the smartest movies of the year by moving Letters from Iwo Jima up to December in time for award season. The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures picks are out and Letters from Iwo Jima has been chosen as Best Film of 2006.

Annie Schulhof, president of the National Board of Review commented that Letters from Iwo Jima is Eastwood’s masterpiece. She was quoted as saying, "I was blown away by its delicacy, the poignancy of how he talks about war. I think it’s also a searing condemnation of war. It was a unique view of the Japanese side of the battle. We don’t always see that."

Whether this is any prediction of the Academy Awards will not be known until nominations are announced in January. The National Board of Review and the Oscars have varied in recent years with films like Finding Neverland and Good Night, and Good Luck not taking home the Oscar.

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