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With a US$15 million investment, the movie The Kingdom And The Beauty held its press conference on the set of sword tombs in Beijing yesterday. It attracted about 100 journalists. Those who attended included the three executive producers Lee Kwok Hing, Eric Tsang, and Godfrey Yew, director Tony Ching, Leon, Kelly Chen, Donnie Yen, and mainland actors Kwok Hiu Tung and Kou Zhen Hai. The movie company invited 200 extras wearing helmets and armor and lining up like soldiers. It made the scene look obviously huge in arrangement.

Yesterday, all the actors appeared in trendy clothes. Among them, Kelly wore a red dress and 4-inch high heels. Being tall already, it obviously made her even taller. When taking pictures together, the two actors were even below her height. Donnie embarrassingly stood one step higher to balance the sight. Onstage, Kelly expressed that it’s very unique filming the movie, because she has to fight and do archery while riding a horse. When she practiced riding a horse, she fell five times. It immediately left a long scar on her right arm, and it’s estimated to heal after a year. Leon also showed an injury to his left arm. A journalist immediately asked if there were insufficient protective measures. Leon said, “Protective meausures are very well done. The director does not want the actors to get injured, but it’s unavoidable for fighting scenes. I know everyone has a lot of questions, but I hope there’s a fair assessment after the movie is completed.” Regarding the kingdom and the beauty, a journalist asked the two actors how to make a choice. Donnie expressed that the two is one whole. If he doesn’t have his wife’s support, he wouldn’t have work. As for Leon, he said, “I can’t make a comment, because today’s society does not have this anymore, only in ancient times. (How to make a choice between work and beauty?) Stop here! I know what you’re going to say. Stop! (You tell the media to make assessments after watching the movie. Are you mad?) No, the mic was not loud enough. I was afraid you couldn’t hear, so I spoke up.”

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