Leon Lai is ready to marry Gaile

Leon Lai, Chapman Tao, and Jill Wei participated in the "Wing Ming" music show. Leon, Chapman, and newcomer Charles Ying were set to sing "Worth Loving". On the stage, Chapman unexpectedly joked about presenting the song to Gaile Lai. Leon stoned for couple seconds, then used a foolishly smile to cover himself up. Chapman then said he felt happy seeing his buddy Leon happy.

After the performance, Leon returned the fire, joked about Chapman being a singer this late, and yet he could only sing 1/3 of the song. Jill was asked about the rumor of Leon’s marriage. She said she did not hear anything about it. However, if it was true, she would be willing to be the flower girl. She also mentioned that during a dinner hosted by the record company, she met with Leon and Gaile. But she insist she won’t ask Leon about his love life. Charles was also asked about his role play in Leon’s wedding, he joked about being the chief witness. But he then said, in a serious mode, that it’s Leon who should decide what to do with his personal business.

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