Leon Lai Directorial Debut

Leon Lai is currently in New York City filming his as-yet untitled directorial debut. The film stars Janice and Jill Vidal, and Charles Ying Cheong-yau. ??

Whilst in NY, Lai rented the penthouse suite featured "Sex and the City" for two days filming, at a cost of 160,000 USD.

Though this is Lai’s first time in the director’s chair, he co-wrote the script for Wilson Yip’s "Leaving Me, Loving You", released in 2004, in which he starred alongside fellow canto-pop singer Faye Wong. ??

Lai has won a string of awards for his music and acting, and was nominated for Best Actor at the 16th HK Film Awards for his work in Peter Chan’s "Comrades: Almost a Love Story", later winning an award for his work in Chan’s "Three: Going Home".

Lai is also starring in the upcoming mainland production "The Matrimony" from director Hua-Tao Teng, due to be released next year.

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