Leo Ku to Hold Concerts in 2nd half of 2007

Being one of the biggest winners in Roadshow Awards Ceremony earlier on, Leo was asked if this boosted his confidence for the two upcoming ceremonies. In his opinion, the number of awards and confidence boost are not as important as having good songs, although he had to admit that awards serve as good encouragement to singers.

Regarding his rough plan for 2007, Leo revealed that he would be staging personal concerts in the second half of the year. He has plans to learn dancing too. He had learnt dancing from EO2 before when collaborating with them in a music show last year. Leo joked that he realised he has potential in dancing, which slowly developed as interest, therefore he will continue putting in effort so that he could present his dancing skills at the concerts. He added that ever since Aaron diverted his focus on movies, he has cut down dancing on stage. When asked if he would like to challenge Aaron as ‘Dancing King’, Leo admitted that he is no where near Aaron, not even 1/10000 of him. However he would try his best so as to add some spice to his concerts.

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