Leo Ku Sets Up a Children Medical Fund

Leo set up a ‘Leo Ku Children Medical Fund’ (?????????) to help needy young patients who are financially unsound. Earlier, (22nd Dec), Leo invited Paco to feature in the upcoming promotional posters, and even continued his contract with Paco for ten years. However, this Paco is not Gold Label manager, but a child celebrity who is very popular lately.

After a year’s preparation, Leo Ku Children Medical Fund is officially launched recently. There will be a charity event next month to raise its fund, therefore Leo had an exclusive photoshoot for the event’s posters.

Two kids were invited along for this photoshoot, one who is a daughter of Leo’s friend named Voanna (2 years old), the other who is a young commercial talent named Paco (4 years old).

Once Leo met Paco, he asked," Paco, where is your milk bottle?" Small Paco was so shocked that he did not know how to respond. However, when they started taking pictures, Paco was very cooperative and laughed radiantly whenever Leo tickled him. Moreover, Paco sang Leo’s ‘Oi Dak Tai Ci’ and ‘Oi Yu Sing’ throughout the photoshoot session. Leo joked with him," Why did you forbid me from dating when you signed contract with me?" Paco just nodded his head furiously to show his approval. Leo continued," How long are you intending to sign me on next?" Paco showed his ten fingers and replied," Ten years." Upon hearing this, Leo could not help but laughed hysterically.

Then it was the female lead’s turn to show up. As she has not been involved in any photoshoot before, she was slightly shy on the spot. When Leo tried to sit her on his lap, Voanna cried profusely. To stop her from crying, Leo played rocking horse with her, and swayed her in the air like an acrobat.

That said, Leo’s charm was not as appealing to Voanna as Paco’s. When all three of them gathered for pictures, Voanna was requested by the photographer to hug Leo. Surprisingly, she refused, and initiated to hug Paco instead. Leo said," As usual pretty girls like Paco…"

Since Leo likes kids so much, why doesn’t he have one his own? He replied," How can I have a kid on my own? I don’t know how to clone cells. Paco said just now that I am not allowed to date during the tenure, how can I get married in that case? (There are news saying you’ll buy a new house and get married next year?) It’s totally not true. However, I’ll stage concerts next year, do come and have fun then."

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