Leo Ku Prevents Justin From Participating in RTHK’s Theme Song

As the last 2 of the 4 major music awards in Hong Kong are coming up, more rumors are stirred up. Earlier, it was reported that Leo Ku wanted to have more singing time in this year’s RTHK theme song, so he asked his company to remove Justin as one of the singers. Which will leave 5 remaining male singers, George Lam, Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Eason Chan, and Leo Ku.

Yesterday, Eason Chan was asked about these rumors and responded, "I don’t think if you ask your company to exclude someone, they will do it. To my knowledge Justin was not included as one of the singers, so how can he be prevented from participating?"

The song they will be performing is ???. Hacken Lee says the lyrics are trying to bring across the message of how a younger generation is supposed to listen to the older generation, and he will be listening to Mr. Lau (Andy Lau) and Mr. Lam (George Lam.) As for Eason, he is the youngest generation of the 5 singers. Miriam Yeung will be one of the hosts of this year’s RTHK Music Award Ceremony.

Today Eric Kwok, one of the producers of ???, also responded to the rumors. He says, "From the start, Justin was not on the list of singers. Not because he isn’t qualified, but I don’t understand how these rumors circulated if his name wasn’t even on the list."

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