Leo Ku Pestered by Reporters About Awards Again

Leo continued to be the big winner of the ceremony season with 4 awards in 2006 Sina Music Awards Ceremony. When reporters pestered him to comment on the credibility of the results, he said," This you have to ask the organiser. To me, the biggest reward is to have my effort being witnessed by everyone. I remember Jacky said once that ‘Good songs have good reward’, I always put this statement on my mind as self-encouragement."

On the fact that ???? bagged major song awards in all ceremonies, Leo said he will give out big red packets during CNY as gratitude to the work crew. He joked," Must all the packets be as thick as albums? It depends on what currencies the banks are left with then! Perhaps we could have a lucky draw to pick red packets with money in different currencies." He added that he is not a stingy person, and has even given red packets each worth few thousands. When asked if his female assistant is the overall beneficiary, he explained that they are only colleagues, his male assistant is one of the beneficiaries as well.

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