Leo Ku Might Star in Mainland Thriller Movie

At a radio interview yesterday, Leo talked about his upcoming new movie – Super Fans. He then mentioned that apart from releasing records this year, Paco would like him to work on some movies as well. There are a few scripts under consideration right now, but the main selection criterion is the proposed time of the movies due to Leo’s concert in September.

As for now, although not fully confirmed, Leo is most likely going to take up a Mainland movie in April. This movie is set to be a thriller, in which Leo’s role will be a police. He has played a police role before in one of his older movies "Task Force".

When asked if he would agree to making horror movies, Leo replied," I don’t really dare to, as it might result in me being suspicious of ghosts thereafter. After watching horror movies previously, I always went home being very suspicious and fearful. The scariest one was The Ring, which I watched in Taiwan. When I went back to the hotel, I couldn’t help but thought of the plot upon seeing the reflection on the hotel room tv. Luckily I haven’t seen any ghost before."

That said, Leo loves listening to ghost stories – he described himself as 「 又 要 驚 、 又 要 聽 」 (feels scared, yet still wishes to listen). When asked which horror movie was least scary, Leo replied," It has to be 開心鬼放暑假 (THe Happy Ghost II), I felt happy and entertained instead of scared after watching." Also, ‘The Others’ is a horror movie which left a deep impression in him, as there was tension throughout and ended with a surprise. If there was a similar type of horror movie, Leo would be interested to play a part in it.

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