Leo Ku Injures Eye @ Windows Vista Event

Leo Ku yesterday attended a Windows Vista promotion event but his left eye was unfortunately injured by a flying paper bomb that was released at the event. The eye caused so much pain that Leo was left holding his hand over it, the paper bomb had caused a small blood vessel to pop. But the singer endured the pain for the whole function and only left to see a doctor when the function had ended. When leaving the doctors, Leo told reporters that his retina had been mildly scratched, his eye cornea was swelling and that his intraocular pressure was too high. The doctor had given him treatment and told Leo to come back in two days time for a check-up. Leo disclosed that when the paper bomb hit his eye, it felt like someone had punched his eyeball and that he also felt dizzy. His vision was also blurred. At first, he was worried that the injury might affect his vision but thankfully, after seeking for help at the hospital, the doctor told him that his eye was safe. When asked if he will be demanding for compensation from the event

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