Leo Ku has Enough Money to Retire Now

It’s Leo’s 35th birthday today, but he had to celebrate it amidst work. At a radio station for interview earlier on, a bunch of DJs gave him a birthday cake as celebration. When asked about his birthday wish, Leo replied that he wished to visit his parents, as he hasn’t seen them for more than month. On top of that, he wished to have a long holiday too. Reporters then teased him if his intention was to get married and have children during the long holiday, for which Leo shouted, ” Crazy!” a few times.

Leo then explained that he has been working very hard these few years to strengthen his career, so he thought it’s time to relax and recharge himself. However, with the packed work schedule and the many award ceremonies at year end, he does not dare to ask his company for holiday. When asked whether he will buy himself something as a reward, Leo said he will not, but he loves saving money. His parents then invest the money on his behalf. Leo further revealed that his father is actually quite good at investing, and often lets him know about profits made. Despite the recent stock market crash, Leo’s fortune is not affected. So has he saved enough to retire yet? Leo humbly said that his current wealth should allow him to live a simple life.

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