Leo Ku Blogs about his Work on ‘Moments’

I’ve been very busy lately, but very satisfied.

I believe that many of you have noticed news about the upcoming album. The concept of 「Human我生」 last year received positive and satisfying response, and so I’m welcoming this 07 album with full anticipation! Following the previous album which depicts a person’s life journey, we extend the ‘individual’ concept to ‘humans in the world’ this time. Also, as an amateur photographer, I’ll go to different corners of the world, hoping to capture interesting or touching moments, then pass the photos to Lam Jik, which he will base his lyrics on. I believe, photos in addition of lyrics – this kind of ‘see while listen’ or ‘listen while see’ feeling, will give music lovers another dimension to feel the meaning of the song. And since the album is not named yet, I personally call this project tentatively as ‘Moments’.

The new plugged song has recently been brought to public. The theme this time is very special, very meaningful. The modal and time spent on production this time are four times those of normal songs, I also had to use different types of vocal styles throughout the 6 mins song. Out of all I most enjoyed the ‘devilish opera vocal’ which tried to bring out the blurred border between good and bad. This is a story telling the way people view money – from basic necessity to greed, leading to them changing mindset, then finally realised money is not everything in life. Therefore the song is naturally called – 「錢錢錢錢」!

There was an interesting incident during the production of 「錢錢錢錢」. Justin came to help me with background vocal one day, at the same time, Alex was having a break after finishing recording his new song. Once he heard of the theme – 「錢錢錢錢」, he exclaimed how fun it was, and Mark promptly invited him to try singing background vocal as well. And this photo marks the first time three of us performing in the same song! Looking at the photo, I imagined if we had poked one bamboo skewer through our heads, would we look like 串燒三兄弟 (The Three Brothers)? Haha!

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