Leo Ku and Eason Chan

With Leo Ku being the music guest at the lighting ceremony to TVB’s 40th Anniversary, it is rumored that Leo has the highest chance of winning this years TVB Favorite Male Singer award and snapping Eason Chan’s winning streak.

Being the music guest at the 40th Anniversary of TVB, Leo responds, “My company just informed me with the news, I am very honored.” Further asked being guest of the TVB’s lighting ceremony is the goal of every singer (to win awards), is he keeping TVB happy? Leo responds, “(laughs) I will not answer that question. It is an honor to take part in the lighting ceremony. I have confidence in winning awards and I do not believe that taking part in the lighting ceremony will win you an award, they are two different matters.” Leo says that in this point in time he will do the best he can in music, in regards to having TVB (his “mother side” of his family) favoring him, he laughs while answering, “I started my career in TVB if TVB wants me to help, I’ll help. Leo reveals that during the lighting ceremony, he and a bunch of actors will sing and dance while Dayo Wong will do stand up comedy.

We can see Leo doing his part, while Eason has also not let go of any opportunity. Rumors are going around saying, since Cineoply helped him win Best Male Singer last year, Eason has recently re-signed with Cineoply despite offers from Avex and East Asia. In regards to re-signing, Cineoply Records Vice President, Duncan Wong, admits to re-signing Eason to a 3 year contract. As for helping Eason win another Best Male Singer award, Duncan says, “We are not thinking about that now. We are focusing on his upcoming album, it will be sent to England for mixing.”

Leo vs. Eason 2007
Leo: Having held 6 concerts, though not as many as Eason will hold, but the post-concert comments have been great, first winning in popularity.
Eason: Will hold 12 concerts next month with tickets causing online bidding frenzy, which ended up adding shows 3 times, winning in momentum against his compeititon.

Song of the Year:
Leo: 錢錢錢錢 and 愛回家 have both been hit songs this year, being popular among fans and media.
Eason: After 富士山下 earlier in the year, Crying in the Party has been heavily broadcasted.

“Contribution” to TVB:
Leo: As long as there’s a show, he will show up. Being named the guest singer at the lighting ceremony, points are added.
Eason: As always with the winner, did a special pre-concert individual biography for TVB.

The Negative:
Leo: His “different” song 錢錢錢錢, has been said to copy Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, causing much criticism from netizens. To win awards, you must win people’s heart.
Eason: After winning last year he said, “I never thought of [winning], I just let it be.” Maybe saying that will cause him to be unable to hold on to the award for a second year.

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