Leo is Happy to Direct MVs for Other Singers

At a radio interview yesterday, Leo talked about his latest album, of which biggest difference compared to previous ones is the addition of a music story directed by him. When asked about his thoughts and feelings, he said," It’s like releasing my first album, I’m excited yet nervous. (Will you accept invitation to be MV director for other singers?) I will definitely agree if other singers look for me, it has become my interest and hobby. (Are you willing to do so even if you’re unpaid?) I will contribute my remuneration as production fee."

Regarding illegal downloadings, Leo lamented," My effort this time is doubled, for I made a film as well. In addition, it’s a golden opportunity to record a duet with Vivian. Please do not download liberally on the Internet, I hope everyone treasures our hard work. I did so much with the hope of convincing people to buy original copies."

On recent rumours of Joe courting another celeb, Leo gave his full support to his good friend and said," Joe is not such a person. The fact that he planned a surprise for Vivian in her concert shows that their relationship is very strong. His heart has two sides, one for his career, the other for Vivian."

When mentioned about Gillian’s unfortunate incident, Leo said he will definitely support the celebrities’ proposal of a demonstration. He added," This incident is really too much. (What are your prevention measures?) I am already careful. Since the starting of inethical actions by paparazzi few years back, I always minimise the brightness of lights in hotel rooms whenever I travel. They won’t be able to take any pictures in the dark. Regarding spying on artists, I think there is a need to introduce legislation, and also to legally control the many spyware used these days."

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