Leo and Kelly Spreads Marriage News to Win JSG Awards? Leo, Hacken, and Eason React,

Today, the TVB Jade Solid Gold Music Awards will be held. Yesterday, Eric Tsang, Hacken Lee, Eason Chan, Leo Ku, and many other singers attended TVB’s blessing ceremony. Following in Hacken’s footsteps, marriage news between Leo Ku and a female assistant were allegedly spread to increase Leo’s chance of winning JSG’s Favorite Male Singer award. Along with marriage news, Leo has been appearing at numerous TVB shows, causing speculation that he is doing these shows to increase his award chances.

Eason Chan was asked regarding these rumors and said, "I believe that music awards are given out to a singer with music talent and not given out based on rumors. This year, Leo had a good year so his chances are high, and I’ve also had a good year." He was then asked if he "han" (wants) to win the Favorite Male award, he responds, "I "han" (hate) the award, but I don’t "han" (crave) the award. I feel that if the award is yours then it is yours. But if it isn’t yours, begging for it won’t help." Eason was also asked regarding his company vying for Favorite Female singer and Asia’s Favorite Female singer award for Kelly Chen and Favorite Male singer for him. Eason responds, "I don’t know anything about it nor do I care, but I don’t believe that music awards are as simple as vying for it."

Leo Ku was also asked regarding those rumors and he denies any rumors of marriage. He also reponded to rumors that he is appearing at numerous TVB shows to increase his chances at awards. He says, "I’m not the only one appearing at the shows, there are a lot of artists appearing at those shows. I am just doing what a contracted artist is supposed to do." He also reveals that he is confident in himself, but he will face the awards with an open mind.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Kelly Chen has announced marriage plans. Regarding this news, Hacken Lee was asked if he thought Kelly announced it near awards season to increase her chances at winning awards. Hacken responds, "My main motive tonight is to watch Eric Tsang. He is above all at this award ceremony. As for Kelly, I will congratulate her."

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