Leila Tong’s Christmas Plans

Leila Tong Ning and Dai Mung Mung appeared at a new store opening for skincare brand, Pommier. Leila is currently busy filming a series, thus she does not have any plans for Christmas yet. She bought a new video game as a present to reward herself. Leila can have fun "bowling" at home.

Leila has always been a big video game fan and recently she played so frequently that her hands hurt. But she is not concerned that this will result in anti-social behavior, as multi-users can often play together. She enjoys playing video games with her parents as well as elder brother. Leila believes that video games can be a good family bonding experience.

Dai Mung Mung celebrated her 22nd birthday this past Tuesday. She celebrated with several friends, while one male fan kept following her and blew her a kiss. At first Mung Mung was a little afraid. She urged the male fan to return home early and he turned out to be quite shy, so she realized he did not have any ulterior intentions.

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