Leila Tong Uses Sammul as Archery Target,

Leila Tong and Sammul Chan have been working together again recently, filming in Hengdian for mainland production "The Last Princess". They will be there until March and although the weather is very cold there and there is not much leisure, they are busy filming from morning to night so it is very fulfilling and they are not bored at all. Leila has fallen ill though and had to go to hospital, where she was put on a drip. A rather untactful Sammul made things worse by complaining to her, because they were due to film a kissing scene. He said: "She is still unwell and I am scared that she will infect me."

However, in another scene, Leila sought her revenge as her character used Sammul as a target for her archery practice. When the cameras rolled, Sammul was so frightened that he was covering himself up, calling to her saying: "Hey, watch it! Don’t aim randomly."

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