Leila Tong opposes child abuse

Yesterday, Leila was a special guest for a function against child abuse and No Hitting Day. Like everyone else, when she was small, she was also punished by her parents. This is why she fully supports no child abuse. Onstage, she said that she once tried to tame one of her dogs by hitting it. But from then on it became scared of her and actually tried to bite her sometimes. That’s when she realized that physical punishment won’t prevent mistakes, and therefore its useless.

She also said, when she was small she was hit by her mom because of poor grades. The worst was one time her mom hit her with a clothe hanger. But as the saying goes, hitting the child is pain in the parent’s heart. When her mom was punishing her, she was crying too. Everyone was feeling uncomfortable, and they stopped that type of punishment at home. She also said that she needs to learn to have patience before thinking about having children.

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