Leila Tong Believes in Ghosts

Leila Tong plays a female ghost in her new movie "Gwai Gai" (Ghostly Plot) and for this role, she has had hair extensions put in especially. Rarely taking on ghost stories, Leila believes that there are ghosts in the world, but she is not too afraid because she feels that she will be fine if she does not think too much about it and has paid her respects to the spirits. Her mother will pray for her as well.

She reveals that the story is centred around a television station and consists mainly of studio scenes, she she does not need to go to any particularly quiet or scary places. Asked if she has ever met with ghostly experiences at the television station, she says that she has not, but has heard many spooky stories. She is not too worried though and does not need to be accompanied to the toilets.

In comparison, Jo Koo has had much more experience of filming scary movies ad she says that at first she though she would be playing the ghost. Later she found out that her character is a producer at the TV station and so she does not have a romantic lead in the film.

The film has started shooting and it also happened that it began on the Chinese ghost festival, but Jo was not too worried because they had the help of a priest. However, the previous night, she was filming a music video in a scrap yard and she felt quite uncomfortable. When she mentioned it to the priest, he warned her that in those places, she needs to watch her words. Jo says she does not have a sixth sense, it is just that she felt very stressed at the time.

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