Leila flies to Beijing to record New Song

With an invitation from her new record company in T&T Music Records Company, Leila Tong spent her Chinese Independence holiday working in Beijing for her new songs.

With a fresh and sweet image, Leila is one of TVB’s rising fa dans. In the entertainment industry, her performances won the hearts of many audiences of different ages alike. Earlier, she entered the music industry with two songs, Glass Heart and Sugarless Holiday. These songs again won the hearts of audiences with her sweet voice. This time, Leila’s signing with her new music company will definitely bring a nice surprise for us.

Because of a really tight schedule, Leila could only use her Independence holiday to fly to Beijing to record new songs and some filming. A dedicated Leila met immediately with famous director Huang Jian Zhong after landing in Beijing, and also met with several other important people in the industry. As part of the younger generation, Leila couldn’t help but use this experience to ask for suggestions and tips from her elders.

Having 4 straight days with a full schedule, although Leila is in Beijing, she still hasn’t had time to see the city she has wanted to visit for a long time. During the filming of an outdoor scene, Leila finally fulfilled one of her wishes and saw the Olympic Stadium. Leila excitedly stated that she was really happy to see the “Nestâ€� (the Olympic Stadium) before next year, because in 2008 she might not have the time to personally see a memorable event like the Olympics.

While filming her outside scenes, the dedicated Leila couldn’t help but express the childish side of her, hoping to hurry up and finish with the filming and take a good look at China’s number one city.

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