Leehom will perform Kun Qu in his concert in August

Leehom will be holding his concert in Shanghai on the 12th August. He was wearing an orange T-shirt at his promotion for his concert. His fans became the focus as the first few rows of the seats at the press conference were taken up by his fans. The press could only hear Leehom but unable to see him.

The press conference was very different to others as fans were treated as VIPs. The first few rows were allocated to the fans. When Leehom stepped onto the stage, the fans brought out their cameras and mobile phones and took photos of Leehom. Leehom was very energetic and had his ‘Sunshine boy’ smile on, no wonder fans were so crazy.

Leehom mentioned many times that the name of the concert will be called “Heroes of Earth” and he said that in the past 2 years, he has experimented with his music. This coming concert will be based around Chinked out music and will include music styles such as Beijing Chinese Opera and Kun Qu. Leehom said he will invite professional ‘Lao-shi’ on stage and perform and will play a verse of Kun Qu together with the lao shi.

Although Leehom is extremely busy preparing for his concerts, he mentions that he is also preparing for a musical play. He did not reveal what the play will be about. The press asked Leehom “Who will you pick as the leading actress?” Leehom smiled and say “Why does it have to be a leading actress?” Leehom was later asked whether he will appear in Ang-Lee’s new movie “Lust, Caution” as suggested by the rumor. Leehom replied “Never mind about that, let’s talk about the concert.” The press had to ask the staff from his company. “To what we know, we have not contacted Ang-Lee.”

The interviews were interrupted by fans asking “Leehom, we bought your album, could you please sign it for us?” “I bought your concert ticket, can you please sign?” Fans became the focus again and the press could only sigh and say to themselves, Leehom is way too popular!

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