Leehom Wears a Jinpao and Shows Kung Fu Skills at HK Concert

Wang Li-Hong’s (Leehom Wang) “Heroes of Earth Hong Kong Concert” began last night. His concert attracted many other artists, such as Yip Tak-Lan (Deanie Ip), Lee Choi-Wah (Rain Li), Yim Cheng, and many others. However, Leehom’s rumored girlfriends Shu Qi and Zhang Hui-Mei (Amei Cheung) were no where in sight. That night Leehom wore a long golden qipao and appeared at the roof of the stadium and descended. He sang a chain of fast songs and on stage there were dragons dancings and fireworks shooting. Leehom showed his flag skills and danced to the music. Somewhere in the middle he also showed off some of his kung fu skills! All his fans could do was scream, scream, and scream!The sweaty Leehom finally took of his long qipao, revealed his white sleeveless shirt and began dancing and singing to fast music. He also went off stage many times to shake hands with his fans. He said loudly in Mandarin, “Hong Kong friends I am back!” After that he said in Cantonese, “I missed you guys so much! You guys grew a lot. Did I grow?”

Wang Li-Hong (Leehom Wang) is currently holding his “Heroes of Earth Concert” in Hong Kong. Yesterday night was the first night of Leehom’s two-night concert and the Red Coliseum were packed with people. Leehom appeared wearing a glistening and golden qipao and he also danced with a dragon-embedded flag along with dancing dragons. He also showed off some of his kung fu skills that he had been practicing for a long time. The lighting, the fireworks, the dancers made the environment extremely high and a very unforgettable night.

Leehom later took off his qipao and revealed a sleeveless white shirt, making his fans scream to the top of their lungs. He immediately went off-stage and shook hands with his fans. He also played the electric guitar and said in Cantonese, “I missed you guys so much! Since my first concert till now, you guys have grown so much!”

This concert attracted many other artists, such as Yip Tak-Lan (Deanie Ip), Sit Ka-Yin (Nancy Sit), Lee Choi-Wah (Rain Li) and her brother, etc. Deanie Ip was also very concentrated at watching the concert. Not only did she stand up, but she also screamed and cried “Excellent” throughout the whole concert, making her no different from other young fan girls of Leehom. Also, last night’s guest performer was Cheung Hok-Yau (Jacky Cheung). Jacky is Leehom’s idol. How can Leehom forget to invite him to attend his Hong Kong concert?

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