Leehom Wang’s Concert at Conneticut

WANG LI HONG’s (Leehom Wang) "2007 Heroes of Earth North American Concert" was held at Conneticut, United States on the morning of February 25 (2 AM) and afternoon (2 PM) at Mohegan Sun Casino. Besides singing and dancing, the musically-talented Leehom Wang also played the piano, the guitar, the er-hu, and more instruments. He performed over 20 hit songs and brought in many spectators enjoy the spectacular audio-visual feast.

The concert began at 2 in the morning, and continued with a second show at 2 in the afternoon that same day. Under the strong music from "Heroes of Earth", with many fans screaming "Leehom, Leehom" loudly and continuously, Leehom appeared on stage, performing with his flag.

Leehom first brought in three fast, up-to-beat songs to warm up the audience. He did a solo performance in the electric guitar during his "Gai Shi Ying Xiong (Heroes of Earth)" performance. He also constantly heightened the audience to sing along with him as well.

Leehom changed into a new set of hip hop clothes and appeared on stage again. Singing about three hip hop songs as well as performing an extremely sexy dance, it has caused everyone from the audience to jump up in unison, screaming. A female dancer also ripped open his shirt, revealing his naked torso and muscles. The audience was at its highest point.

Afterwards Leehom began to expose more of his music talent. He first played the guitar and sang "Bu Yao Hai Pa (Don’t Be Afraid)", "Da Cheng Xiao Ai (Big City, Small Love)", and also played on the piano singing, "Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge (A Simple Song)", "Liu Lei Shou Xin (Crying Palms)". All of these are one of the many touching and romantic love songs Leehom has brought for his fans.

In the fourth part of Leehom’s concert, he appeared again with his newly-invented "chinked-out" style. No matter if it’s "Zai Mei Bian (Beside the Plum Blossoms)", "Hua Tian Cuo (Mistake By the Flower Fields)", or "Xin Zhong De Ri Yue (The Heart’s Sun and Moon/Shangri-La)", they all incorporated some Peking Opera, Kunqu, and more similar ancient Chinese music styles, successfully mastering its techniques and usages. Adding hip hop with western rap, the audience was immediately astonished with this new masterpiece. The last song of the concert was Leehom performin gand dancing to "Long De Chuan Ren (The Dragon’s Descendants)". But under the ongoing cheers for encores, Leehom apeared for the last time, singing "Bu Ke Neng Cuo Guo Ni (Impossible to Miss You)" and "Wei Yi (The One and Only)". His fans rushed toward the stage and began to vividly flash their light sticks. Leehom also passed out "red envelopes" to everyone, wishing them all to have a happy new year.

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