Leehom Wang Sings “Wen Bie”; Battles with Jacky Cheung at HK Concert

Last night, Wang Li-Hong (Leehom Wang) held his "Heroes of Earth Concert" in Hong Kong’s Red Coliseum. Leehom and his idol, Cheung Hok-Yau (Jacky Cheung) performed together on stage and sang Jacky’s "Wen Bie/Mun Bit (Kiss Goodbye)" together. The two GMA kings performing together is seriously a treat for the Hong Kong viewers! Tonight Wu Jian-Hao (Vanness Wu) will be the guest performer for the second night, and he and Leehom will sing "Long De Chuan Ren/Loong Tak Chuen Yun (Descendant of the Dragon)" together.

Leehom had once performed a 360 degree turn while playing the drums in Hong Kong in 2002. It has been four years since he had last stepped in Hong Kong’s largest coliseum and he still had the skill to attract more than 10,000 viewers to watch his concert. Leehom is already an idol of millions, but he’s never too stubborn to deny the fact that Jacky Cheung is still his idol. Performing with Jacky Cheung on the same stage was a glory and honor for Leehom. When Leehom first debutted he could fake Jacky’s voice, therefore yesterday night he sang "Wen Bie" with Jacky’s voice, and later he finally introducted Jacky, causing people to scream with surprise and happiness.

Around the first couple weeks of August Leehom went to America to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday, but because of Hong Kong’s typhoons Leehom switched airlines more than three times and was stuck in the air for 60 hours, therefore losing his luggage. Luckily, the airline "Cathay Pacific" finally found his luggage and returned it to him. Because of this, the costume-changes for last night’s concert was extremely elegant and Leehom had many handsome and hip hop accessories to go with it. The organizers also prepared a red, black, and silver different microphones for Leehom to use. Each microphone costs approximately $1,000,000. The price is extremely astonishing.

Leehom Wang (right) with his idol Jacky Cheung on the same stage. During practice both of them fooled around a lot.

Wang Li-Hong’s (Leehom Wang) "Heroes of Earth World Tour Concert" was held in Hong Kong last night in Hong Kong’s Red Coliseum. It has been four years since Leehom last stepped on Hong Kong’s largest coliseum. The coliseum is the most unique because it is a 4-sided stage which makes Leehom more closer and interactive with the audience. The organizers also presented Leehom with three million-dollared microphones and also a personal headphone. Leehom also invited one of Hong Kong’s Four Heavenly King’s, Cheung Hok-Yau (Jacky Cheung). They sang Jacky’s "Wen Bie/Mun Bit (Kiss Goodbye)" together. Last night Leehom was very excited and happy, and even sang the Cantonese version of "Ai De Jiu Shi Ni (The One I Love is You)." (Bei Ni Geng Hao/Bei Ney Gung Ho) Shu Qi and Lin Xi-Lei (Kelly Lin) also gave him flowers for support and success of the concert.

When Leehom first debuted he always faked his idol, Jacky’s, voice. Last night he played around, first singing in Jacky’s voice and sang a phrase in "Wen Bie", and then invited his idol to appear on stage. Once guest performer Jacky Cheung appeared, Jacky immediately spoke in Cantonese and praised Leehom was "Liang Jai" ("Handsome" in Cantonese), and said that Leehom is also very talented. The two battled to see who had a higher range and also danced together. The fans were extremely high and loud. Everybody stood up and screamed loudly. Jacky said he knew Leehom for a long time, and Leehom wanted to invite Jacky to his concerts for a while already. Therefore when Leehom decided to have another concert, Jacky agreed to be his guest performer right away. Last night, besides singing with Leehom, he also did a solo and sang "Je Muo De Nan Ren/Jek Mok Tak Nam Yun (A Lonely Man)".

Leehom’s qipao in this concert was different from the concert in Taipei. Leehom chose a golden and shiny qipao and descended from the roof of the coliseum. 12 people were dancing with the dragon, 4 kung fu dancers and 13 famous dancers appeared and sang the first song "Gai Shi Ying Xiong/Koi Sai Ying Hung (Heroes of Earth)". In total, the stage had 30 people dancing. Leehom was dancing with a huge flag that embedded with a dragon logo, looking extremely extrodinary. Many fireworks also shooted from the stage. At first the organizers were afraid that these fireworks would destroy the stage and hurt the performers, but luckily everything was solved.

Four years ago, it was Leehom’s first time stepping onto Hong Kong’s Red Coliseum to perform, and he also performed with good friend Zhang Hui-Mei (Amei Cheung). This time the concert was a little more special. The organizers made three microphones of different colors for Leehom to use at the concert, and also two completely different costumes. The 4-sided stage also allowed Leehom to be more closer to the audience and release some of his "electric" powers. The audience not only took this moment seriously, they also tried to reach out and touch their idol.

A light-blue collared-shirt with gray-blue pants is one of the new costumes. Leehom carried a guitar and performed, sang and played "Da Cheng Xiao Ai/Dai Seng Siu Ngoi (Big City, Small Love). When he sang "Kiss Goodbye," Leehom pulled a couple from the audience on stage. The couple also told Leehom that they noticed in the "Kiss Goodbye" music video, Leehom and the female lead kissed 50 times. The audience immediately screamed loudly. In Taipei’s Arena, a girl dancer danced closely with Leehom and also ripped his shirt, showing off Leehom’s abs and fit chest. Last night Leehom did the same, and the audience screamed even louder than they did before.

Weeks ago Leehom lost his luggage while flying back to Shanghai. Luckily he regained his luggage back. His accessories and costumes for the concert were all there. Before the concert Leehom and the dancers spent four days and three nights together practicing for the concert. Wang Mama also flew to Hong Kong to support her son. Tonight Leehom will continue his "Heroes of Earth" concert and the guess will be Wu Jian-Hao (Vanness Wu).

Sourve: Luan He Bao

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