Leehom Wang Busy with New Film, Coco Lee Touches His “Cold Butt”,

Recently, "Shi Jie" Li Wen (Coco Lee) and "Shi Di" Wang Li-Hong (Leehom Wang) were rumored for not getting along with each other. To dispose this rumor, Coco openly expressed that she really wanted Leehom to write a song for her. Sadly she ended up kicking a hard piece of metal, touching Leehom’s "cold butt" with a hot face!


Both Coco Lee and Leehom Wang are singers from the same SonyBMG family. Earlier on Coco and Leehom were rumored to be going out, but later on they were rumored to have broken up and are going on seperate roads. They were also rumored of being cold toward each other after the break up. Earlier on in April 8th, SonyBMG decided to gather all of their singers in Taiwan to have a concert in Taipei’s Arena. They arranged Coco and Leehom to be on the same stage, and was rumored to have been fighting secretly against each other.

Although rumors of them being enemies were growing strong, both of them still appeared in the celebration party that night. However, the interaction between them were not as warmly as before, and it seem that they were being careful with each other. Coco was afraid that the press would suspect them, and desperately said, "I really want Leehom to write a song for my new album." Besides this, she also openly said that she wanted to have a duet with him. She said, "Since I first debutted, I’ve never cooperated with other male singers before. This time I really want to cooperate with Leehom."


These words had definitely rang people’s ears. It has been 4 years since Coco Lee last had a new Mandarin album. Finally, she will release this new Mandarin album in the end of September this year. However, not only did Leehom Wang not write a song for Coco, Leehom also did not sing a duet with her. Instead, Coco found Wu Jian-Hao (Vanness Wu) to sing a duet with her. This made the rumor of Coco and Leehom not getting along more believable.

Leehom’s manager, Xu Yu-Qin stated that Leehom is currently busy filming for Li An’s (Ang Lee) new movie. He also cancelled many future concert performances and promotions. Even Leehom’s own new album, that was planned to be having an end of the year release, is in danger of postponing the release date. Leehom also turned down many songs that other singers requested for him to write.

However, in Xu Ruo-Xuan’s (Vivan Hsu) new album "Mei Ren Yu (Mermaid)", it contained one new song composed by Leehom called "Yin Wei Ni (Because of You)." Xu Yu-Qin immediately explained that Leehom has been busy with his concerts since April. That song written for Vivian was already finished in March. Leehom also confirmed that after he accepted Ang Lee’s new film, he had not written any new songs for anyone.

Source: Zhi You Bao
Credit: HOM2usic Station
Translations: Scarlett

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