Leehom Spends His Valentine’s Day Alone & Buys “Get Well” Cards

Last year, WANG LI HONG (Leehom Wang) was heatly rumored with SHU QI, revealed that they have went on a vacation together in Japan as well as spending the night together in Hong Kong. Two days ago on Valentine’s Day, a reporter had seen Leehom shopping in the streets in a low profile, picking some "Get Well" cards. No man or woman was shopping with him. He was wearing extremely casual clothing, and when he saw his fans, he quickly ran away from them, becoming extremely the opposite from his usual idol image.

Days ago Leehom was busy filming for LI AN’s (Ang Lee) new film, "SE, JIE (Lust, Caution)". To match with the historical settings of the film, Leehom had to cut his hair in a certain scholarly look and wore formal clothing, looking exactly the opposite from his singer image. During the filming, it has been rumored that Ang Lee had trained and used him really harshly and strictly, but Leehom has finally managed to gain praises from Ang Lee in the end.

After the filming of "Lust, Caution" has completedly, Leehom’s sufferings ended and he was overwhelmingly relieved. A couple days of ago he privately returned to Taipei, preparing to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with his grandmother. A couple days ago on Valentine’s Day, he was seen walking in Tunhwa shopping alone. Rumored girlfriend Shu Qi was not in sight. Leehom had celebrate his Valentine’s Day alone this year.


That day, reporters had seen Leehom wearing extremely casual clothing, with messy hair, worn-out tennis shoes, a simple sports jacket and jeans. He was only seen walking inside a bookstore with his hands in his pockets walking around. He stopped at the stand where the "Get Well" cards were sold, and stayed staring at them for a while. Several fans recognized Leehom and approached him for a picture. Unexpected of the approach, Leehom took it by surprise and quickly ran away, disappearing as quickly as he came.

When asked about this situation, Leehom’s management company yesterday explained that because the fans at that time were screaming too loud, also to an extent where they even started to push each other, Leehom was a bit shocked and was unexpected of the approach, so that was why he quickly left. Leehom explained that at that night he was buying a "Get Well" card for his aunt because his aunt had been sick for quite a while. He wishes her to get well soon.

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