Leehom, Shu Qi “Love Talked”; Jaycee, Fiona Knows Each Other’s Hearts

Wang Li-Hong’s (Leehom Wang) famous Hong Kong concert is now officially known as "The Concert of Rumored Couples." Leehom admitted that he had indeed invited Shu Qi to attend the concert. During the concert, Shu Qi sat in the VIP row. She watched the concert as if she was a very loyal "wife" watching and supporting her "husband." She was very focused during the concert and her eyes never left Leehom. Besides them two, another rumored couple also attended the concert, and they were Fong Jo-Ming (Jaycee Fong) and Sit Hoi-Kei (Fiona Sit). Although both of them individually went to the concert and did not sit together, they did meet up together in the end of the concert and talked for about 20 minutes.

Rumored girlfriend Shu Qi managed to attend to Leehom’s concert for the last night. Shu Qi was smiling all night and also stood up and danced along with the music like any other crazy fan. Shu Qi also sang along with Leehom. Obviously she memorized the lyrics of Leehom’s songs. When Leehom came out and dressed like a "Bai Ma Wang Zi (Prince on a White Horse)", while singing "Forever Love", he constantly faced Shu Qi’s direction. Even during the afterparty Leehom openly admitted that he did indeed invite her, but as the reporters tried to steal some more questions regarding Shu Qi, Leehom would not answer and pretended that he did not understand.

In October Leehom will continue his world tour concerts in Singapore. When asked if he will invite Shu Qi along to watch the concert, he immediately pretended and said that he did not understand Cantonese. When talking about his new musical coming up and if he would invite Shu Qi as the female lead, he said that he had to wait on how the script would turn out. The reporters continued to ask about if Leehom and Shu Qi often talk on the phone. Leehom then asked the reporters, "Why can’t we just focus on the concert?" But he did admit that before the concert he and Shu Qi did talked over the phone, but as friends and not anything else. When the reporters say that Leehom is being mean and not inviting his other rumored girlfriend, Zhang Hui-Mei (Amei Cheung), Leehom said that he did try to invite her but Amei wasn’t in Hong Kong. However Amei’s manager pointed out that Amei never excepted an invitation at all, causing Leehom of suspecting that he was telling a lie.


Besides, Fiona Sit and Jaycee Fong also individually attended the concert, sat in different spots, but later met up after the concert and had a long chat. When Fiona left at around 10:35, Jaycee also followed her and left, and the two secretly met up in the concert and had a chat. After 20 minutes Jaycee left. After that Fiona and a female friend quietly walked away. Fiona frankly said that she did invite Jaycee for the show. Rumored to say that Fiona and Jaycee were originally sitting together, but because Fiona invited another friend, Jaycee decided to give the seat to her and he sat by himself. But when asked who’s female friend this belonged to, Fiona sometimes said that it was her friend and sometimes said it was Jaycee’s friend. In the end she finally said that this female friend was both her and Jaycee’s friend. When the reporters continued to ask her who this female friend belonged to, Fiona became confused and said that in the end everyone agreed to attend to the concert together. No one took the initiative move. So does this mean that the two’s relationship is exceeding another step? They seem to know what each other are thinking!

Source: Singtao
Credit: Yahoo! Hong Kong
Translations: Scarlett

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