Leehom Scares a Student with His Love Ballads

Being tall, buffed, charming, and talented are the perfect characteristics to attract females. Although Wang Li-Hong (Leehom Wang) has it all, chasing after girls is definitely not something he is best at. Whenever he speaks up, the other will always reject him. It is also because of many rejections that Leehom manages to control his shy and bashful personality. He becomes braver, and if he meets a girl of his dreams, he will also be more initiative, and he “doesn’t believe that dating is impossible.”

Over the year, rumors has been bothering Leehom ever since. While rumors with Zhang Hui-Mei (Amei Cheung) are still boiling, a tourist in Tokyo sees him and Shu Qi shop together, and brings her in as well. Although their “love” was immediately discovered, both strongly deny about their relationship. Although they are bothered by the paparazzi, Leehom, Amei, and Shu Qi’s friendship still did not change. He said, “No, it will definitely not affect our relationship with each other. Everybody knows about the paparazzi and no one really takes it seriously or even care about it. We are still great friends.”

Working in the entertainment circle is extremely busy. You often work out of town, and controlling one relationship is harder than it is to people who are not in the circle. When asked if Leehom doesn’t dare to focus in one long relatoinship, he said without hesitation, “Of course not. I’ve already accepted this kind of routine in my life, and I don’t believe dating and loving someone is impossible. (When you meet a girl that you like will you be initiative and go after her?) I will. I’ve tried being initiative and I’ve also tried the other way around. Long time ago, usually the girl would be initiative, which made me really shy, and because of this when I meet a girl I like, I wouldn’t know how to open my mouth. I would just write songs. I remember when I was 13 or 14, I had a crush on a girl, but I was too shy to tell her. So in the end I wrote a song and recorded it for her.

Now, Leehom will be more initiative when it comes to relationships. He will write love ballads to attract females’ hearts, but this doesn’t always work. There will be times when Leehom will fail to win her heart. However, this does not affect Leehom’s views toward love. He also openly said that when he was in college he once failed to win a girl’s heart. He said, “When I was a freshman in college, I met a girl I really liked. We didn’t have the same classes so we hardly met. We don’t have the same friends, and I doubt she even knew about me. It wasn’t until my sophomore year when I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to get a chance to know her. All my friends knew that I liked her and told me to write a song for her. I listened to them and wrote a song to her to tell her how I felt.” Afterwards Leehom’s friends convinced him to sing that song to the girl. Leehom held his breath and went into her dormitory. At first both of them waved at each other and greeted warmly, but when Leehom finished singing, the girl was scared half to death and rejected him. However, Leehom did not break down and said that when he left the room, he felt proud. Although he was rejected he managed to control his bashful personality. He knew he could do it!

After many failures in relatoinships, Leehom’s now more experienced in chasing girls and also gives some tips to other people. He said, “At that time I really had an important lesson in my life and learned something. Guys don’t need to be afraid. It would only hurt yourself. You need to speak up, but not to a point where it would scare the other person. You have to be smarter and think of how the other person would feel, and you can’t be too initiative all the time.”

When it comes to his career, Leehom’s Hong Kong “Heroes of Earth” Concert will be on August 25th, 26th. It has been 4 years since he stepped in the Red Coliseum alone. Leehom misses Hong Kong very much and he’s very happy that his friends and fans have not forgotten him. His concert will incorporate the backgrounds of the Jingqu, Kunqu music, as well as mixing East and West music together, bringing new music to people’s ears. Papa Wang also gave Leehom some of his old collections of Jingqu videos for Leehom’s reference. Leehom listened to the videos closely, felt the music behind Jingqu, and then incorporated it into modern hip hop beats. Has this deepened your Father-Son relationship? He said, “Yup. He’s really happy. My relationship with my family is great. They live in America so we hardly meet but we will talk to each other online.” When asked if Leehom will invite Amei and Shu Qi over to watch his concert, he said that he will invite all friends, but the two of them are really busy.

Last year in Taiwan’s “Golden Melody Awards” Leehom lost to Huang Li-Xing for the “Best Mandarin Male Pop Singer” award. This year, the award was finally given to him, and he said he would never forget that moment. Leehom won this award two times. When asked if last year’s incident where he ran on stage and received the wrong award had affected him hugely? He said no. Although he didn’t receive the award in a long time, he would still not be disappointed. Leehom agreed that competition is getting harder. When he first won this award when he was 22, it was a huge surprise and support for him. This time it was still huge support for him, and he doesn’t mind waiting for it. Although Leehom had many interesting relationships in the past, his life isn’t better than anyone else’s. He thinks that being an artist in the circle and being someone from the outside is no different. People may think that you are lucky and proud, but when you are feeling low you are actually lower than everybody else. There had been extra struggling and frustration for him.

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