Leehom congratulates Shu Qi

Leehom came all the way to Hong Kong to promote his “Heroes of Earth Hong Kong concert” which will be held on the 25th and 26th of August. At his press conference, he was awarded a new mobile phone and walkman as a gift by his sponsors. They also toasted to wish him luck with his concert.

It has been 4 years since Leehom held a concert in Hong Kong and he said
this time round, Chinese elements will be added to his clothes, musical and
dance arrangements. Leehom also said that there will be VIP special guests
at both his concerts, but he will keep it as a surprise. The press asked whether Shu Qi and A-Mei will come and see his concert. Leehom replied that he will be inviting close friends, family members and fans to his concert. He was asked again whether A-Mei and Shu Qi are close friends of his, he smiled and did not reply. The press pushed further and ask whether he will invite the 2 ladies on stage to create noise, but again Leehom dodged the question skillfully.

There has been reports saying that Shu Qi has found a new “Lover” and asked Leehom whether this was the reason he is avoiding to talk about Shu Qi, however Leehom congratulated the Shu Qi and asked the reporters who she is seeing. The reporters said it was Takeshi Kaneshiro and Leehom was happy and said “This is news!” The reporters asked whether he thinks he suits Shu Qi more than Takeshi, Leehom replied “You should ask Shu Qi that, I don

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