Leehom and Shu Qi Spent the Night Together? Shu Qi’s Cat Saves the Day,

Several days ago, "HK Headline News" caught Taiwanese singer WANG LI-HONG (Leehom Wang) invading SHU QI’S house in Hong Kong and spent the night. The reporters immediately used a DV to record what Shu Qi and Leehom were doing in the apartment and found Leehom walking around the house shirtless as well as being very close to Shu Qi.

However, is that man really Leehom or someone else? His fans from his fanclub (www.leehomwang.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4694) said that in the video that was posted online, a cat was present while the man was there, explaining that it is impossible for that man to be Leehom because Leehom is very allergic to cats. Leehom’s record company, SonyBMG, replied, "Leehom is currently focusing on his new movie. We do not want to answer much questions."

Leehom’s fans explained that on the video Hong Kong’s "HK Headline News" (http://www.hkheadline.com) posted, a man with a naked torso appeared along with a white cat (2:24 – 2:30 in the video). However, Leehom is very allergic to the cat smell. SonyBMG agreed and said that Leehom is indeed very allergic to cats, and believes that the man in the video is not Leehom.

Leehom will arrive in Shanghai on Saturday to attend a concert. Reporters are eagerly waiting an answer from Leehom.

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